Firewind – Mercenary Man

April 4, 2008

Taken from the MTV headbangerblog:

On Saturday night, MTV2’s Headbangers Ball will premiere the new video by Firewind for “Mercenary Man”. The track comes from the Greek power metal band’s fifth album, The Premonition, which came out March 25.

“This is our third video with director Patric Ullaeus, (In Flames, Lacuna Coil),” says frontman Gus G. “It was a great feeling going back to Sweden and working with him. When it comes to the visuals, he’s our man. When I think that I want us to look like a million dollars, I think of Patric.”

We’d settle for looking like $250,000. How much is a flight to Sweden these days? and does anyone have Patric’s number?

“We basically did a couple of day’s worth of shootings in his studio in Gothenburg,” continues Gus. “I love the editing of the band and the fact that he gave such a crystal clear look to this video. Since the song is talking about a mercenary going out to war, the story evolves around a soldier and includes some pretty incredible footage of fighting jets, helicopters and tanks — made in Sweden.”

All Hail Patric! Enjoy

Check out the MTV Headbangers Blog.

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