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Evergrey – Broken Wings

October 9, 2008

Video premiere on the new EVERGREY video “Broken Wings”
directed by Patric Ullaeus.

Taken from the site:
A hair-raising spectacle, that new Evergrey video is.

Gothenberg, Sweden’s meloldic power metal veterans, Evergrey, have Greyced us with the premiere of their new video for the song “Broken Wings,” from their latest album, Torn. click “more” to read comments from frontman Tom Englund (no relation to Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund) and watch the video, which will debut on-air on Saturday’s “Headbangers Ball.”
When we decided to shoot a video for “Broken Wings,” we immediately felt that we needed some sort of storyline that would graphically show the frustration of the main character in the song. We knew that the director who could make this happen was Patric Ullaeus,

We’ve worked with him on several videos before, and he also shot our Live DVD a couple of years back as well as videos for other artists like In Flames, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil.

I came to visit him one night, when he was editing the underwater scenes for the video, and when I banged on the door I scared him so much he thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest, he told me later. He was totally into the story with all these strange rooms, masks, rocking chairs and quite a haunting feel to it all.

We wanted the band shots to have an apocalyptic feel to them comparable to the vibe of the film “Sin City,” just so they wouldn’t stray too much from the story. The basic idea of it could be interpreted in different ways for different people, which is exactly what we wanted. Since all of our lyrics are based on things we’ve been through, I think it would be great if even one single person seeing it could get some comfort knowing that we all have difficult times and that they are not alone.

When I finally sat down to look at it for the first time, it hit me how much darker the video made the the song. It made me really feel for the female character in the clip. I hope it makes you do the same.
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Maximum Metal DVD

October 7, 2008

Director Patric Ullaeus has two videos featured on the new Maximum Metal DVD. Keep of Kalessin “Ascendant” and Sonic Syndicate “Jack of Diamonds”.

Check it out: