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Gus G interview: LTD Gus-600 EC signature guitar explained

December 20, 2010

In Total Guitar (Europe’s best selling Guitar Magazine) Issue 210’s (on sale 24 December) Rocked & Rated section contains the first UK review of Gus G’s new signature LTD. Gus has been using the guitar onstage with Ozzy since its announcement earlier in 2010, and we caught up with Gus – one of the most envied guitarists in rock – to get the skinny on his new axe.

What made you go for the Eclipse shape?

“For my role in Ozzy’s band I thought it’d be cool to go a bit more old school with the Eclipse shape. Obviously, there’s a big history there with Zakk and Randy playing Les Pauls, but I didn’t want to be just another guy that plays a Les Paul shape, you know? I’ve had my own thing for about the last six years with my ESP Random Star shape – it’s very identifiable – so I thought I’d do something a bit more unique.”

And what about the finish?

“My friend from Sweden, Patric Ullaeus, he’s a top video director and has done videos for Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, but he’s also been Firewind’s director and official photographer for the last six years or so. He originally got into art with another guy called Bjorn Johansson. They started doing all of these paintings and galleries, and they call it rock art, and that’s what it is. Very dynamic and very strong. Patrick sent me one of his designs and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s my guitar finish right there!'”

You’ve switched to Seymour Duncan Blackouts for the Eclipse…

“I’m not normally an active guy. I hated it until I played these, but there’s something that Seymour Duncan does that means they still maintain a passive sensitivity. You can hear the wood and hear the tone, and you can control each note as you want. It’s not just one f***ing sound like other active pickups usually are. They’re much louder, but at the same time there’s about 12dB less noise than other pickups.

The guitar’s volume/tone controls are quite sparse. Is there a reason for this?

“The reason is because I never use them, really. I’m quite minimalistic when it comes to that stuff. I never really use the tone knobs, and I’ve never needed a five-way pickup switch. I just switch between the pickups and use a couple of sounds, you know?”

Do you use the kill switch for effects, or is it more functional?

“Yeah, I have the kill switch in there to give some of those cool effects that Randy used to do. I use it pretty rarely, but it’s cool for songs like ‘Crazy Train’ and stuff like that.”

What made you go with the 25 ½-inch scale length?

“You know, it’s one of those things that becomes part of who you are. I’ve always played these necks, and I asked ESP for the same neck as my Random Star. I need to be able to switch guitars mid-set and play the same way. Obviously, switching guitar shapes can be a bit of a shock at first, so I wanted the necks to be the same.”

As with your other guitars, there’s no vibrato…

“I had a Random Star with a vibrato, but I very rarely used it onstage and we discontinued it. All of my guitars have stop-tail bridges. I’ve always felt more in control with the tone and sound with a standard bridge, so I want to keep going that way. I’ve never really felt comfortable with a Floyd Rose. You can play much heavier with a stoptail bridge, and you can control the notes better with more sustain.”

Have you used the guitar with Firewind yet?

“I haven’t actually used it onstage for Firewind yet, but it’s my signature guitar, man, so I may do. I’m still in love with my Random Stars, too. I’ll always play them, but my Eclipse is a cool guitar. I’m really happy to be doing something different, and people like it. It’s not like the other guitars out there!”

You can catch Gus on tour with Firewind at the Relentless Garage, London on 7 January. For the full review of the LTD Gus-600 EC, check out Total Guitar issue 210 (on sale 24 December – 20 January).

Gus G interview: LTD Gus-600 EC signature guitar explained
Ozzy/Firewind guitarist talks new signature six-string
Stuart Williams, Total Guitar

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RockART på Ulfsunda Slott – pressmeddelande

September 23, 2010

RockART @ Ulfsunda Slott

Pressmeddelande Stockholm 23 september 2010

Svensk Inredning fortsätter satsningen på konst:

RockART på Ulfsunda Slott

Svensk Inredning, Nordens ledande projekterings-, bygg- och inredningsföretag inom hotellsektorn, presenterar en ny konstutställning på Ulfsunda Slott där företaget har sitt showroom. RockART av Patric Ullaeus och Björn Johansson är en utställning där konst och rockmusik starkt interagerar och skapar något originellt.

Svensk Inrednings filosofi är att med design och arkitektur skapa miljöer som bidrar till kreativitet och välmående och i förlängningen bättre affärsmöjligheter.

– Vi har länge använt konst som del av inredningen, och genom de olika konstutställningarna på Ulfsunda Slott vill vi visa upp de konstnärer vi gillar, inspirera våra gäster och erbjuda oväntade upplevelser, säger Torbjörn Blomqvist, vd och grundare av Svensk Inredning.

Aktuellt just nu är utställningen RockART, ett samarbete mellan Patric Ullaeus och Björn Johansson. Patric Ullaeus, prisbelönad regissör inom filmvärlden, har bland annat varit mycket verksam inom musikvärlden genom att regissera musikvideor åt flera världsberömda band. Och det var just några av banden han jobbat med som först upptäckte Björns och Patrics konst. Det är den naturliga kopplingen till musik som karaktäriserar RockART, och som tillsammans med popkonstens ifrågasättande av konventioner skapar en oväntad och originell stil. Björn Johansson har en helt annan bakgrund; han är ett välbekant namn inom design och har i över femton år formgivit och producerat egna möbelkollektioner. Björn har alltid tyckt om att arbeta med gedigna material och utmaningen i samarbetet med Patric var att överföra sin omvittnade kreativitet och sitt tekniska kunnande till en helt annan disciplin.

Resultatet är stor och tung konst, både till innehåll och form. RockART är öppen för allmänheten tills den 31 oktober.

För mer information om Svensk Inredning, vänligen kontakta:

Daniel Atteroth, tel 08-545 25 328, e-post:

För mer information, intervjuförfrågningar och privata visningar, vänligen kontakta Prat PR:

Livia Podestá, tel: 08-545 152 34, e-post:


Svensk Inredning är Nordens ledande projekterings-, bygg- och inredningsföretag inom hotellsektorn. Företaget har funnits i 25 år och har lång erfarenhet av att utforma design till offentliga miljöer. Torbjörn Blomqvist, företagets vd och grundare, står bland annat bakom Bar101 på Scandic Anglais i Stockholm, lobbyn, restaurangen och rummen i Nordens enda varuhushotell Rica Kungsgatan i Stockholm samt sviterna och lobbyn i Hotell Berlin Berlin i Berlin. Svensk Inredning har sitt showroom på Ulfsunda Slott i Bromma. För mer information om Svensk Inredning se:

Besök även konstnärernas sida:

RockART @ Ulfsunda Slott

September 4, 2010
RockART @ Ulfsunda Slott

RockART @ Ulfsunda Slott

När Patric Ullaeus och Björn Johansson arbetar händer något oväntat, något spännande och detta vill Vi dela med dig mellan den 4 september och 1 december 2010.

Kom och upplev konst – utanför ramarna i vårt unika designslott.

För mer information om konstnärerna besök

Ulfsunda Slott, 08-704 49 40, Margretelundsvägen 125, Bromma,

Click here to see pictures from the exhibition.

Gus G & The RockART Guitar

July 2, 2010
Gus G and The RockART guitar on the cover of FUZZ magazine

Gus G and The RockART guitar on the cover of FUZZ magazine

Gus G and The RockART guitar on the cover of FUZZ, July 2010. Sweden’s biggest guitar magazine.

When Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist Gus G was about to release his new guitar through ESP he teamed up with Björn Johansson & Patric Ullaeus who came up with the graphic and the whole concept of “RockART” on Gus’ new signature model ESP Ltd GUS-600 EC.


May 5, 2010
RockART with Crank It Up @ FUZZ Guitar Show

RockART with Crank It Up @ FUZZ Guitar Show

8-9 May 2010 @ FUZZ Guitar Show in Gothenburg, Sweden.


May 3, 2010

RockART by Björn Johansson & Patric Ullaeus @ L2 STHLM

The 8th of May you can experience the new art from Björn Johansson & Patric Ullaeus.
The artists are just back from a successful New York exhibition.

They also recently unveiled their RockART Guitar specially made for Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar player Gus G.

The Art Gallery is open on Saturday, 8th of May between 12.00-16.00

RockART for sale at Revolver Art Gallery

April 26, 2010

RockART now for sale @ Revolver Art Gallery

If you are interested in purchasing art signed Björn Johansson & Patric Ullaeus you now have the opportunity to do so from Revolver Art Gallery.

The paintings to be sold are available as PDF documents. Call +46 (0) 31 555 525 or email for more information.

Revolver Art Gallery
Östra Eriksbergsgatan 18, 417 63 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone +46 (0)31 555 525

The gallery is open by appointment.

Also visit the artist’s site:

The RockART guitar unveiled

March 28, 2010
Gus G & Patric Ullaeus with the RockART guitar | Ltd GUS-600 EC

Gus G & Patric Ullaeus with the RockART guitar | ESP Ltd GUS-600 EC

Today Gus G‘s RockART guitar was unveiled at the Frankfurt Messe in Germany. The guitar is Gus G‘s Ozzy Osbourne signature model and the Art Design & Graphics are made by Björn Johansson & Patric Ullaeus.

Europe’s biggest guitar magazine Total Guitar highlighted five things among thousands of new products shown on the Frankfurt Messe. The RockART guitar | ESP Ltd GUS-600 EC being one of those five. Click here to read about it.

Björn & Patric has arrived in NYC

March 17, 2010
Björn Johansson on the arrival to Paramount Hotel.

Björn Johansson on the arrival to Paramount Hotel.

The opening of the RockART exhibition will take place today the 17th of March 2010.

Welcome to – LUXE / Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, 29 Orchard St, New York, New York 10002

Patric Ullaeus on his way to the RockART gallery in New York;

Patric Ullaeus on his way to the RockART gallery in New York

Welcome to the RockART opening in New York City

March 15, 2010

RockART in New York City - opening the 17th of March 2010