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Revolver welcomes Maxx

January 3, 2010

Digital Compositor & VFX Artist Maxx now @ REVOLVER.SE

REVOLVER.SE welcomes Digital Compositor & VFX Artist Maxx.

“Maxx is very talented and we are delighted that he is now a part of our team”, says managing director Patric Ullaeus.

Revolver has grown into 6 divisions.
RMV (Revolver Music Video) – a music video department that produces music videos and live concerts.
RPH (Revolver Photography) – All kinds of photography.
RFC (Revolver Film Company) – a film company that develop motion pictures for the silver screen.
RTV (Revolver Television) – a production company that make TV programs.
RAG (Revolver Art Gallery) – an art gallery.
REC (revolver Communication) – a department that helps you communicate in various interactive ways.