about the founder of REVOLVER FILM COMPANY

the work of Patric Ullaeus

Patric Ullaeus is one of the most prominent contemporary music video directors working today.

His cinematic styles, vivid imagination and fervent vision have taken him around the world working with talented artists, advertising agencies and record labels.
He has won several domestic and international awards for excellence in filmmaking including Grammy Awards, Advertising Effectiveness Awards, Clip, US Film Festival, Otto Car, Spellemann, Swedish Metal Awards, Golden Gods Awards, among others.

Director Patric Ullaeus utilizes film crews all around the world to help accomplish his visionary goals for each unique project.

For more info visit his film company: www.revolver.se

or write him an e-mail: patric[at]revolver.se








3 Responses to “About/Contact”

  1. Raul Ramirez Says:

    Hi. This email is for Patrick Ullaeus.
    Let me introduce myself: my name is Raul Ramirez and I’m from Spain. I’m the best friend of Ailyn, who you may know as Sirenia’s new singer.
    She tells me she’s got a very nice relationship with you, and we can’t wait to see the results of THE END OF IT ALL video.

    I direct the website Ailyn Official Fanclub, and we’re trying to bring the most interesting contents to it. Recently, we had an interview with the last album’s cover creator, and I would like to ask you a question.

    What is the story around THE PATH TO DECAY video? I would like to know what all these elements mean: Ailyn in the forest, the big stage with the band on it, the pixel trees, Ailyn floating around and the choir with the candles.

    If you are so kind to answer these questions, I’d gladly put them on our Official Fanclub.

    And once the video for THE END OF IT ALL is released, maybe I can ask more questions about it, too.

    Thank you so much and I’ll be waiting for your answer.

    Thanks again

    PS: Also, if you have unreleased pics of THE PATH TO DECAY making of, I would really really like to have them.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. larry n mike Says:

    hello mr. ullaeus,
    my name is michael, i have seen some of your work and i like what i saw. i would like to hear from you if it is possible. because i would be glad if we can meet and talk. my group is called larry n mike, i will be happy if you could direct our video.
    i will be really happy to hear from you, awaiting your reply.
    thank you,
    larry n mike

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